Exhibition: ‘ENDS’. Chris Daly, Sisetta Zappone, Anna Burel & Paula Garcia Stone. 7th to 24th July

Hundred Years Gallery presents a group show by artists Chris Daly, Sisetta Zappone, Anna Burel and Paula Garcia Stone. The exhibition is organised by Jaime Valtierra, currently artist in residence at the space.

“ENDS” brings together a collection of works concerned with the nature of contemporary image production and the exploration of the human body both from medical and artistic perspectives.

As part of the exhibition’s events programme, Isabel Davis (Birkbeck) and artist Anna Burel will introduce their project, Conceiving Histories.

Thursday 21st July at 2pm: Conceiving Histories, An Introduction.

Conceiving Histories looks into the archives to find a history of pre-pregnancy: that is, the diagnostic ambiguity of early pregnancy, the experience of trying to conceive and the politics of childlessness in the past. This is a study of fantasies about the body, about objective and scientific knowledge, and of parenthood. Conceiving Histories investigates the very ordinary experience of not being pregnant for month on month; the difficulties for medical professionals in diagnosing pregnancy; and men’s anxieties about their own reproductive fortunes.  It looks at fakes and fashions, dreams and denials, trying and testing.

The exhibition can be found in the Basement and Ground Floor Gallery. For more information, please visit the gallery’s website.



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