Breath Catalogue: Monday 14 November, 2-5pm

Breath Catalogue is a collaborative work by artist-scholars Kate Elswit and Megan Nicely, and data scientist/interaction designer Ben Gimpert, together with composer Daniel Thomas Davis and violist Stephanie Griffin.

The project combines choreographic methods with medical technology to externalize breath as experience. Dance artists link breathing and movement patterns in both creation and performance. Our goal is to expand the intrinsic dance connection between breath and gesture. The catalogue makes it possible to collect and retrieve different breath samples through the process of live dance, by visualizing and making audible the data obtained from the mover’s breath, and inserting this into the choreographic process to make the breath perceptible to the spectator.

The piece uses capacitance resistance sensors from StretchSense. This wearable technology gathers breath data during the Breath Catalogue performance and transmits it. Doing so is more than “tracking”; it enables the development of feedback loops that create new choreographic structures, in the process allowing the dancers to interact with their own breath in new, intimate, and palpable ways.

Kate and Megan will present a lecture demonstration version of Breath Catalogue, incorporating moments for Q&A with the audience. This event will be of interest to practice-based researchers working in the fields of performance, visual culture, medical humanities and digital humanities.

Breath Catalogue is presented by Corkscrew: practice based/led research at Birkbeck.

Breath Catalogue will take place in G10, Birkbeck School of Arts.  Places are free but limited – book here.

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